Weaving Realities
Weaving Realities is an artist collective who organizes public performances and workshops around the concept of “sentipensar”, thinking through feeling, and the concept of “practical decolonization”, which aims to re-educate ourselves into living in harmony with each other and with nature.

Currently, as consumers we are completely disconnected from the origin of the products we consume, this disconnect brings abusive consumption of resources and human lives, causing massive destruction of forests, rivers and animals leading to ecocide, as well as modern slavery and genocide. As consumers, we are all complicit, but is there an alternative?

Our project intends to interweave different alternative ways of relating to the world other than exploitation, appropriation or consumption, by using art as a platform. Our relation to mother Earth is reflected profoundly in food. We use the kitchen as a space to question and rethink our relationship with the entire food production chain, from the land, the producers to our dinner table. Cooking then becomes a form of resistance when we revive ancestral knowledges while being conscious about our own relations to the land and the people.

The collective consists of Yuchen Li and Aldo Esparza Ramos, who are based in Amsterdam.